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We are more than just a buying group, more than just a marketing group, more than just a networking group; Floors & More is a family-owned company that has history in retail. Third generation, our family was a dealer first. We have taken the lessons we learned from running the family business  to guide our corporate principles and the services we provide today. Our main goal is simple: help your business grow any way and every way that we can.

Our company mantra is to always be helping. We work for our franchisees and members, not the other way around. We consider all the people in our group to be our people; They are our family. We celebrate their successes, and fight against their challenges just like we do our own. The businesses in our group are our family.

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Vinnie Virga

CEO & Founder
Floors & More was created to help independent retailers do more than survive: Floors & More wanted to help its businesses thrive

Founded in 2016, Floors & More is the embodiment of our founder’s vision. That man, CEO Vinnie Virga, has over 30 years of experience working at an executive level in the flooring industry. From small family-owned business, to large privately held companies, to publicly held corporations, to national cooperatives, and national franchise businesses. Having visited over 1000 different flooring retailers throughout his career, Vinnie found a need in our industry for a cohesive, aligned and member first group.

Acquiring the Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet franchise and the Floor to Ceiling group the same year it was founded, Floors & More set out to service its members. Marketing, merchandising, networking, and consulting became the cornerstones upon which our groups were supported. Floors & More’s dedicated corporate team focuses on the important objectives that drive traffic so that its members can focus on closing the customers in front of them.

Committed to growth, our business continues to evolve and expand. A network of over 100 aligned independent retail stores, the family has never been bigger. Our merchandising program has evolved and developed to feature even more opportunities than before: flooring, kitchen & bath, window treatments, and décor. Our marketing has responded to shifts digitally to become stronger and more focused online. Our members are reporting some of their best fiscal earnings ever.


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Vinnie Virga Jr.

Vice President
Floors & More was created to help independent retailers do more than survive: Floors & More wanted to help its businesses thrive.

Today, Vinnie Virga Jr is at the helm of the corporate offices guiding daily tasks and objectives. Since graduating college, he has worked in our industry. From warehouse work, to accounting, to sales, to sale management, and being a regional manager of five locations, he has a thorough background in retail. As Vice President of Floors & More, Vinnie Virga Jr. helps oversee every aspect of our corporate program today. He is friends with many of the franchisees and members, engaging them in our decision making. He is responsible for our corporate staff, whom he holds to the highest standard.

The Vinnies know what it takes to run a retail flooring business. They know what it means to be a family-owned business. They know the challenges that retailers face today. They know because they have experienced it together. This father-son tandem is a champion for their members; for the Floors & More family. Personally calling upon and visiting them. They are always accessible and available to the people they work for. With our most talented team yet, and continued program growth, Floors & More and its members have never been better positioned than today. The time to join is now.

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Kevin Levitsky

Director of Operations & Financing
Great enthusiasm along with financial acumen and teamwork that help us achieve operational excellence

Kevin Levitsky has been working with the Floors & More family for over five years. Kevin comes from a background of Finance where he has past experience with Dell and State Street. Rather than continue in a corporate environment, he shifted to learn a new industry and help small business owners thrive. He is the Director of Operations and Finance for Floors & More where he helps plan out policy efficiencies, facilitates merchandising opportunities for the group, and keeps the company on a clear path of growth and success. He enjoys traveling to new locations and participates in sports leagues in his free time. Having analyzed the data from a retail business to a real estate business along with the whole corporation, Kevin knows how to strongly advise retailers on how to optimize and keep their business profitable. Like many on the Floors & More team, Kevin is willing to help a member in any way possible and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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