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What is Big Bob's Flooring Outlet?

We buy by the truckload so you can save by the room!

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Established in 1984, Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet has grown from a small carpet shop in Kansas City into a National Franchise chain with nearly 20 storefronts today. Big Bob’s Owners are handed a proven formula for success modeled around visually impressive showrooms, larger than life advertising and a focus on inventory specials. Big Bob’s serves the 80% of consumers looking for the best good buys.

Comedy, value and approachability are all cornerstone of the Big Bob’s brand. The advertising is cheeky without being offensive. The consumer’s savings are clear and meaningful. The showrooms are designed to be easy to shop around, without being easy to be shopped. Big Bob’s Flooring Outlets have the value and inventory similar to a home center, but with quality and service like a design showroom.


Big Bob's Flooring Outlet?

A turn key-model, a Big bob’s Flooring Outlet store is simple to get started and built with expansion in mind. Compared to other franchises, you will need fewer employees, will need less of a capital investment, and will have higher average margins. Unlike many businesses, Big Bob’s inventory focused model tends to do even better when the market is down. This means at Big Bob’s you always are positioned well to your consumers.

Our comprehensive 33 page startup guide will help you from before being open through your first year. Our dedicated corporate team will help you find the right property for your store, negotiate your starting inventory purchases, build an advertising plan tailored to your market, and design your showroom. Once you join Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, you join a family of retailers. We will do everything we can to make this easy and successful for you.

Variety of flooring products in showroom | Floors & More Corporate Site
Variety of flooring products in showroom | Floors & More Corporate Site

Big Bob's Flooring Outlet?

Anyone who is looking for a retail store, that requires relatively low staff and emphasizes stock specials, is a great fit. Though not a pre-requisite, someone with flooring experience would do particularly well with Big Bob’s. Especially if they already have an existing store that is not inventory focused.

How do you get more business in your current market? Opening another store with the same brand won’t help. A Big Bob’s is line extension without contamination, appealing to a segment of the market that is not currently shopping with your business today. Many of our current franchisees own a design showroom, in addition to having their Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet in the same market. This combination has increased their profitability within their markets. Your best competitor is yourself, whichever store earns the business is going to you.

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Big Bob's Flooring Outlet?

Bob’s Flooring Outlet appeals most to Blue Collar America, so when choosing a location understanding the average median household income is important. In the suburbs surrounding major cities, in high visibility intersections, and in the other side of town in the same market as your other store (if you have one) are all great choices. Keep in mind where you would put you second and third location, should you want to expand, when selecting where to put your first store.

All franchisees get protected territory. We will not dilute your market with another franchisee. We set a protected radius around the two areas you would expand if you decided to. These means the market you start in and the surrounding markets are yours. We help you to find the property, negotiate the lease or buy the buildings. In Big Bob’s we are not just helping you build your business, we are helping you build your legacy.

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Storefront | Floors & More Corporate Site

Becoming a Big Bob's Franchisee?

The next step is to talk to a Floors & More corporate team member. This can be done by sending us an email or giving us a call using the contact information found at the bottom of this page. You also give us more information about yourself by filling out the Contact Big Bob’s Flooring form in the Join Us tab above.

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. A member of our Floors & More corporate team will contact you to discuss your interest and the opportunity. If you decide it could be a good fit, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document. This extensive assessment provides you with key details about the business, to help you weigh the investment risks and rewards of opening a Franchise with us.

After you have had some time to digest this information, if you wish to proceed we can help you with getting the finances and assets you need to open your business.

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