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What is Floor to Ceiling?

Floor to Ceiling is a network of like minded independent flooring retailers. Having grown from a single store in 1982, today more than 60 locations identify as members. Dealers who want the benefits of being a part of a national program without having to comprise their control over their business. What makes our group unique is that there are no requirements once you join. You do NOT have to change your business name. You do NOT have to paint your store teal. You do NOT have to change your showrooms and displays. Floor to Ceiling is the Freedom group.

You are free to choose what you use. We believe in keeping independent retailers, independent. We also recognize that 75+ stores have negotiating power that single stores and single brands cannot achieve on their own. We exist to support and supplement your business, through our extension of your opportunities. To take your business locally, to nationally, without compromising you being a member of your community. Whether you use everything or only some of the many things we make available for your business, we can help you do what you do. At Floor to Ceiling, we work for you.

WHY Join

Floor to Ceiling?

We asked current member’s why they joined our program and found that no two members had exactly the same response. That is because with Floor to Ceiling, our program is customized to each of our independent retailers. While everyone has the same opportunities available to utilize, everyone leverages aspects of our program differently.

For many of our members, our marketing and digital tools are why they joined the program. The greatest value we add for these members is their customized website, extensive digital tools, regular social media posting, our graphic design abilities and the business we drive from online to in person. For several other members, our merchandising and national buying power what is most meaningful to them. Our private branded collections, our national pricing on key products, our national promotions, the terms they get with our vendors and multi-industry rebates on their purchases all help them make earn more on their purchases.

Almost all of members agree that being a part of the Floor to Ceiling network is impactful from day one. Having a connection with other flooring retailers who you can leverage is helpful. For some, being able to associate with our well established brand can bolster their own reputation. Having a dedicated corporate support team available at your convenience is invaluable. We spend time working on the intangibles, so you can focus on the customers in front of you.

Variety of flooring products in showroom

Floor to Ceiling?

Our current membership extends from the West coast to the Eastern shores. Some operate in the small rural communities of Middle America where others operate in the dense population cities of the Northeast. Some members have multiple showrooms, many of our members have just a single location and a few others run their business shop-at-home only. Some of our members are branded as Floor to Ceiling, where many others have the same brand they did before joining our network. Many of our members also sell kitchen and bath cabinetry, and some of our members also offer window treatments. The diversity of our members mirrors the diversity of the types of businesses in our industry. A true testament to how we cater our program to each of our member’s individual needs.

What all of our members have in common is that they are independent retailers in the home remodeling industry. All of our members sell floor covering. All of our members were flooring stores before joining our group. All of our members find value in our program: whether that be marketing, merchandising, networking, and/or more.

Storefront | Floors & More Corporate Site
Storefront | Floors & More Corporate Site
Storefront | Floors & More Corporate Site
Storefront | Floors & More Corporate Site

Floor to Ceiling?

Anyone who is an independent flooring retailer today would find value in joining Floor to Ceiling. As long as you sell carpet, luxury vinyl tile, hardwood, laminate and/or tile our merchandising will benefit your business. If you are interested in or already offer kitchen & bath cabinetry and/or window treatments, you will get that much more value out of being a member. Anyone who has a desire to grow or be more profitable with the business they already have, is a great fit for our group.

You do NOT have to be great at websites, digital marketing, or social media to join our program. You do NOT have to be doing business with all of our manufacturers to join our group. You do NOT have to be doing two million dollars plus of business to be a Floor to Ceiling. You ONLY have to recognize the value and give us the opportunity to show you how.

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Floor to Ceiling

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Floor to Ceiling?

The next step is to talk to a Floors & More corporate team member. This can be done by sending us an email or giving us a call using the contact information found at the bottom of this page. You also give us more information about yourself by filling out the Contact Floor to Ceiling form in the Join Us tab above.

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. A member of our Floors & More corporate team will contact you to discuss your interest and the opportunity. If you decide it could be a good fit, we will provide you with our concise and straightforward membership agreement which outlines the details of being a member.

The great thing about joining Floor to Ceiling is that we can talk today, and you can begin tomorrow. Joining is as easy as saying yes. We will do the rest.

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