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Between our Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet franchisees and Floor to Ceiling members, Floors & More is a network of 74 stores today. With our aligned independent retailers in 30 states, our program extends from Anchorage, Alaska to Damariscotta, Maine. An American brand, Floors & More’s two groups service rural, suburban, industrial and metropolitan counties throughout the country.

The businesses and owners aligned to our groups are as diverse as our geography. We have family business, with generations working together within the business. We have entrepreneurs who did not originate in our industry but have found success within it. We have former installers who have taken their expertise, and translated it from the job site to their showrooms. Our network is diverse.

While our members and franchisees come from different backgrounds, they all aligned in their values. They value excellent service. They value living in the community that they do business within. They value the support of over 50 aligned vendors across multiple product categories: flooring, kitchen & bath cabinetry, décor, window treatments, and ancillary services. They value our national program which they leverage to greater success, with greater ease, then they would achieve all on their own. They are independent and they are aligned. Our members get the best of both worlds.



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"When I first bought the business, I decided to run it as professionally as possible. So I chose to go to Surfaces, which is a national flooring convention, every other year. I would always go there to look at new products, be inspired by training, and also look for a group to be a part of. It took me 15 years to find somebody, and they actually found me. I was invited to the Winter Convention, what I realized from that meeting was that this was more than just a buying group or digital marketing. It was a network for retailers like me, from all over the country, that can help one another. And the team from Floors and More cannot be more helpful."

Bob Duke, Owner

Floor Magic
testimonial | Floors & More Corporate Site

"As a Floors and More member I have found that the communication from the corporation staff is by far the best anyone could receive. The onboarding process can be a little overwhelming but if you take it all in and take baby steps the results are astounding. Floors and More offered my business so many tools and resources I really didn’t know where to start. With that said, the Floors and More staff are great at listening and brainstorming ideas that work for each business. They took the time to learn more about who I am and the needs of my business."

Mike Anderson, Owner

Raider Flooring

How quickly can I get started?

The time to get started depends entirely upon which program you elect to join.

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