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Whether you are a franchisee of Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet or a Floor to Ceiling member, the opportunities available to you are equally exciting!

More than just a buying group, Floors & More is the premiere marketing group for our industry. Differentiated by brand, Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet and Floor to Ceiling have marketing unique to their brand and target markets. We understand that meaningful marketing is marketing that builds awareness AND converts online into in person . While views and impressions are great, we measure success differently. Our marketing focuses on the metrics that translate into conversions. After all, the most important thing marketing can do is put customers in front of you.

We achieve this through a comprehensive digital marketing package that ensures your online presence is as impressive as you showroom. We start with your website, which we design and help you to manage. We work to keep it up-to-date, cataloged with all of your products (not just from our vendors), and to represent your brand online. We also have a multitude of digital tools we package with our digital program: from review management, to updating white listings, to room visualization, to chat tools, to call tracking, to analytics, and more. We strive to ensure you are digitally as appealing and targeted as you can to consumers.

Beyond your website, we help you to rank better organically through assisting with your Google My Business. We teach and show you the optimal keywords, along with giving you an understanding of how you rank compared to your competitors. We work to coincide promotions on your Google My Business to increase visibility, and teach you how to utilize it as a sales vehicle. We also provide tools to help you respond to reviews, boost your ratings and increase your ranking in your market.

To round out your online portfolio, we help to manage and post consistent content on your social media. Providing 8-10 posts a month, with weekly content, we ensure your social media is active. We help you to supplement the content with store and project photos to enhance your reputation, and visibility. We coordinate key components of your social media with your website and Google My Business, to create a consistent message presented across multiple platforms. Ensuring the maximum amount of people are exposed to your business.

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All of the work we do, and the results, are shared regularly with you. From charts, to graphs, to easy to digest percentiles, we help you to see the impact of your marketing and how it is working for you. We can compare to previous months and years, to better understand the results. We measure all the key metrics for your review, so you can see exactly how you are performing.

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Beyond your online presence and management, we have multiple other marketing opportunities available to you through the group. Created annually, our Ad Calendar couples national financing promotions with targeted sales that you can run for your business. Whether that is on television or digitally online, our ads are yours to use. We can work to feature these ads into your website, your Google My Business, and your social media. We can even incorporate your own promotions, customizing the calendar to your vision. A combination of ours and yours.

Floors & More also features semi-annual promotions for each of our brands. One of those promotions is our private invitation events. A low cost, high return investment, these events are designed to convert existing leads from quotes into sales. Working with a printing company we design eye catching flyers branded to your location featuring specials that promote products with high margins for you. We can also work with the mailing company for those interested to do mail drops to targeted zip codes surrounding your store, for those willing to invest more. 



Digital marketing for the flooring industry. Simplified.

Beautiful websites built on industry data

Monthly informative newsletter

Digital Strategy

Paid Search Opportunties

Put your brand in front of your customer

Search Engine Keyword Focusing

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Flooring Visualizer

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National promotions: merchandising and marketing

Lead Management

In depth web analytics

Multi-Channel Marketing | Floors & More Corporate Site

Our visualizer is the most powerful online engagement and conversion tool we've ever had. Beyond that, it's being actively used and prepared to get "floored".


Our Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet and Floor to Ceiling brands each have their own library of content. Television commercials, digital videos, flyers and other pre-made advertisements are available for your use. We can edit and convert them for you. Have something you want made specifically for you? With graphic design assistance available, we can design any advertisement you want for your business. Flyers, business cards, yard signs, brochures, and more are all possible. With a videographer able to make content, we can also create digital videos at your request. We have even helped write scripts for radio ads for those who broadcast in their markets. Whatever your marketing needs, our corporate team has the means and time to help.

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