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Our Big Bob’s Flooring franchisees and Floor to Ceiling members earn rebates on qualifying products through our core vendors.

Paying it back

To you

Based on volume of purchases, the rebates earned can reach as much as 4%. Unlike other programs, the rebate is not determined by each individual vendor but by product category. This means from a volume perspective we look at combined vendor purchases for all of flooring, all of kitchen & bath, and all of window treatments. You do not need to have a degree in accounting to understand how to earn more through our program. Whether you do your purchases across multiple vendors, or drive a large volume through just a few, you have the same opportunity to earn rebates based on your volume.


Easy to setup, and streamlined, we make it simply to start earning back from day one. Our online member portal INFLO features a rebate tracker, allowing you to see rebates earned by purchase. Our accounting team works to provide you with a rebate overview in advance of the semi-annual payouts, so you can see exactly how you are trending. We will even work with you to audit your purchases, to find every dollar you are entitled to. Our corporate team will work with our core vendors on anything missing from their reports to get you the money you’ve earned. At Floors & More, ties go to the member.

We are constantly expanding qualifying products. As we add new vendors to our program, they provide us with franchisees and members they are already doing business. This means that as we grow and expand our offering, your rebate returns yield more money back to you. As we add new vendors each year, we continue to add more ways for you to earn back purchases. Our rebate payouts have grown consistently, year after year.

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