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"When I first bought the business, I decided to run it as professionally as possible. So I chose to go to Surfaces, which is a national flooring convention, every other year. I would always go there to look at new products, be inspired by training, and also look for a group to be a part of. It took me 15 years to find somebody, and they actually found me. I was invited to the Winter Convention, what I realized from that meeting was that this was more than just a buying group or digital marketing. It was a network for retailers like me, from all over the country, that can help one another. And the team from Floors and More cannot be more helpful. Every phone cal has been super helpful. An independent Flooring dealer getting a call every couple weeks just asking how things are going, and how they can help you. That is something you can not put a price tag on. My message to any independent retailer out there that does not have a group they are a part of, and I don't mean a manufacturer's group, it does not matter where you operate. With the support Floors & More can offer you, the investment is relatively small. I would strongly recommend you give this a look. I hope to see you at the next convention."

Bob Duke, Owner

Floor Magic
Testimonial | Floors & More Corporate Site

"We have been with the Floors & More group since day one, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The work ethic, product knowledge, and industry experience that the corporate office possesses is second to none. These skills at the corporate level are key for creating and maintaining ahead of the curve programs. What is very unique about this group is that a lot of the members’ roots run very deep and that’s key when it comes time to network and learn from each other. While being part of the Floors & More group will grow your individual business, we are all here to help and that’s what makes this group feel more like a family."

Dusty Ware, Owner

Floor to Ceiling Ottumwa
Testimonial | Floors & More Corporate Site

"Opening a new or expanding a business can have so many different emotions involved with the process. There will be ups and downs, worry, concern, financial stress and can also affect your home and family life. Wouldn't it be great if you had a GIANT in your corner to help? That's how I felt when I first met Floors and More. I have spent my entire life in the flooring industry, started my own company from scratch years ago in New York City, opened and built-up multiple shop at home flooring locations for one of the largest flooring retailers in America and have endless knowledge about the industry but times have changed. This industry has become extremely competitive, some of the smaller companies will play favoritism with their retailers and completely price you out of the market. When you decide to partner with Floors and More you are not just buying into a franchise, you are partnering with a family and that is exactly how they make you feel. We had many challenges when opening our first location but Floors and More was there every step of the way for us. Helping us secure the proper products, assuring we are getting the most aggressive pricing possible, assisting with laying out our showroom and checking in with us every step of the way. The marketing and the marketing partners they will supply to you are an endless resource and WILL help you succeed! Normal marketing costs to produce advertisements can be upwards of thousands of dollars and will not have an established track record of success. Don't gamble with your livelihood, work with the team who will always be there for you. The advice from Vinnie Jr and Vinnie Sr is absolute gold and you NEED TO TRUST THE SYSTEM. If you are a sales professional who is ready to step up your game, you honestly need to seriously consider Floors and More. We are glad we did and have had so much success in such a short time we are presently looking for another location to expand! AND FLOORS AND MORE IS HELPING WITH THE SEARCH TOO!!!"

Chris Rice, General Manager

Big Bob’s Winter Garden
testimonial | Floors & More Corporate Site

"As a Floors and More member I have found that the communication from the corporation staff is by far the best anyone could receive. The onboarding process can be a little overwhelming but if you take it all in and take baby steps the results are astounding. Floors and More offered my business so many tools and resources I really didn’t know where to start. With that said, the Floors and More staff are great at listening and brainstorming ideas that work for each business. They took the time to learn more about who I am and the needs of my business. One of the most important decisions we made was scheduling a Business Consultation with Vinnie Virga Sr. This was by far the most informative meeting and all new members should take advantage of immediately after joining. Vinnie Virga Sr. is amazing at what he does and he does it with compassion with only one goal and that is to make your business successful and profitable. Another great experience is the marketing assistance they provide. From social media posts, scripting radio ads, commercials, graphics, private invitations and more. I’m going to end with one last advantage of being a Floors and More member. Not only do you have the Floors and More staff for assistance but you have access to all the members to call on and brainstorm ideas to help grow your business. Joining Floors and More was the best decision I ever made and I encourage all members (existing and new) to always count on Floors and More to help them reach the goals they want from their business."

Mike Anderson, Owner

Raider Flooring
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