Why Floor to Ceiling Marketing

What is our marketing program?

Marketing for the Independent Flooring Retailer.

Floor To Ceiling Lite Marketing
What is

Floor to Ceiling's Marketing Program?

It is a subdivision of Floor to Ceiling, comprised of dealers who want help with websites and digital marketing, while earning rebates through their vendor accounts. We provide you with a customized website designed for your business and managed by our digital team. Our websites feature an extensive product catalog, state of the art room visualizer, and more. Customized to your logo, your brand, and your history, the website is personalized to tell your customers why they should buy from your business. We ensure your website leverages your brand and its position within your market to its highest potential. Whether you use a all or just a few of the marketing opportunities we make available for your business, we're happy to help. At Floors & More, we work for you.

Why join

Floor to Ceiling - Marketing?

We asked current members why they joined our program and found that no two members had exactly the same response. Our program is customized to each of our independent retailers. While everyone has the same opportunities, everyone leverages diferent aspects of the program. Which is why we created Floor to Ceiling Marketing. 

For many of our members, our marketing and digital tools are why they joined the program. They joined for their customized website, access to our extensive digital tool set, and our graphic design abilities. Not to mention the business we drive from online to in store. 

 All our members agree that being a part of the Floor to Ceiling network is impactful from day one. For many, having a connection with other flooring retailers who you can engage with to help solve the diverse challenges posed by our industry is . For some, being able to associate with our well-established brand can bolster their own reputation. For all, having a dedicated corporate support team available at their convenience has immeasureable value. We spend time working on your marketing, so you can focus on the customers in front of you.

Many independent retailers are not aware of the dangers that they face doing business with other website providers.  Why pay more to get less and put your business at risk? With Flooring Web-Work, we work for you, not the other way around. Helping independent retailers stay independent.

Am I a good fit for

Floor to Ceiling - Marketing?

Anyone who is an independent flooring retailer today, looking for best in class digital marketing, would find value in joining Floor to Ceiling's Marketing program. Anyone who has a desire to grow or be more profitable with the business they already have, is a great fit for our group.



Digital marketing for the flooring industry. Simplified.

Beautiful websites built on industry data

Monthly informative newsletter

Digital Strategy

Paid Search Opportunties

Put your brand in front of your customer

Search Engine Keyword Focusing

Artboard | Floors & More Corporate Site
everything you see here

And More!

Flooring Visualizer

Catalog Management

Flooring, Kitchen & Bath, Décor and More Rebates

National promotions: merchandising and marketing

Lead Management

In depth web analytics

How do I join

Floor to Ceiling's Marketing Program?

The next step is to talk to a Floors & More team member. Just send us an email or give us a call using the contact information found at the bottom of this page. You can also fill out our Contact form in the Join Us tab above.

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. A member of the Floors & More team will contact you to discuss our opportunity to work together. If you decide our program could be a good fit, we will provide you with our concise and straightforward membership agreement which has all the details about being a member. The great thing about joining Flooring to Ceiling's marketing program is that we can talk today, and get started tomorrow. Joining is as easy as saying yes. We will do the rest. 

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